Where to Start: What's Needed



This may sound simple but it can easily become the one thing about prayer that is the most difficult. We get busy with school or work or other things in our lives and so prayer gets shortened. Avoid this by scheduling time in your calendar each day.



To pray we need to quiet ourselves from the things of the world. Turn off the TV, radio, Internet. Put the cell phone on silent or turn it off completely. Make this a time for you and the Lord to be alone in conversation.



Praying with the Scriptures is just one way to pray...but it is a very good way. The Scriptures are the living Word of God which speak to us today. You can find the Bible online at www.usccb.org/bible/books-of-the-bible/



“To Christ through Mary.” Devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary will always lead us to Her Son. Praying the Rosary and reflecting on the mysteries of Jesus’ life allows us to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ.


Common Prayers

Prayer can be in our own words or we may feel drawn to one of the common prayers of the Church. For some of the most common prayers, visit www.scborromeo.org/prayers.htm


Spiritual Director

As your prayer life develops you may want to discuss how the Lord is speaking to you and opening your heart. A spiritual director is a priest who walks with you on your journey with the Lord and helps you to see how the Lord is revealing Himself and His will to you.